Thursday, May 31, 2012

Choosing a Funeral Home with Muneerah Warner

Finding the right Funeral Home can be a challenge, but well worth the effort. Planning ahead makes this search feasible.  We had the privilege to interview Muneerah Warner, the vivacious founder of FuneralDivas Inc. regarding this process. A notable expert in the funeral industry as the editor-in-chief of Funerals Today Magazine and the former owner of the Warner Funeral Home in Philadelphia, PA, Muneerah brings sound advice to help you in your search.

Are there questions which could be asked over the phone by a family that could help them narrow the field?

Yes, if a family is not familiar with the funeral establishment here are few questions that you should ask…
1.          What is the estimated price of the funeral? so there will be no surprises. Remember the lowest price isn’t always the best option.
2.         What kind of services do you provide? A good funeral home should offer a variety of services for you to choose from.
3.         What day of service do you have available? Some smaller funeral homes may be booked for the day you desire to have your loved ones services and some funeral homes may not operate on weekends.
4.         What vehicles will be used during my loved ones services? Some families prefer certain makes, models or colors. Be sure they can provide what you need.

Is a visit to the funeral home a necessary first step?

If you are already familiar with the facility or if you are referred by a friend then a visit is not a necessary first step. For families that are not familiar with the funeral home a visit is of the utmost importance because you get to meet with staff and see if the facility will suit the needs of your loved ones funeral. You learn a lot when visiting a funeral home. If the staff is friendly, funeral homes is neat, the chapel is large enough and they produce quality work on the deceased then you know that you are in a pretty good funeral home.

What are warning sign that this may not be the right place to consider?

Making a decision about choosing a funeral home can be hard especially while grieving. Families should make decisions just like they make decisions about other areas life. If things don’t look right, smell right or seem right then they aren’t right! If you can’t understand what the funeral director is explaining to you avoid using that firm. A lot of families think their misunderstanding of products or services offered by a funeral home come from their lack of knowledge about the funeral industry when in fact it can come from deceptive practices. I believe that most funeral directors are honest however it is possible to run into a bad one occasionally.

Do you think it is important to request a woman director?

Choosing a woman as your funeral director can be important depending on what the family needs. If a family wants direct cremation with no memorial service they should be able to choose any reliable funeral director. However, women naturally add a special touch the funeral service of their loved one. Most families may never know this if they’ve never had a woman as a funeral director.

The job of a funeral director is very rewarding and beneficial to families that have experienced a loss. Great funeral directors are everywhere and the process of planning a funeral is not hard when you are well informed.

Thank you, Muneerah for taking the time to provide us with sound advice regarding choosing a funeral home. We commend you in your efforts to empower and encourage women in the funeral service industry.

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